Happy World Radio Day

(Jan McArthur, Internews Country Director in Afghanistan, was interviewed on WBEZ's Worldview for World Radio Day.)

Put on by UNESCO, World Radio Day is intended to draw attention to the vital role that radio plays in keeping people safe, informed, and connected the world over. Worldview will speak to John Dinges, a veteran NPR journalist and professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, who is taking part in a panel discussion today at UN headquarters to celebrate the day. And, as a reminder of the vital role radio plays in less developed countries, we’ll speak with Jan McArthur of Internews, an organization that trains journalists overseas. She is their country director for Afghanistan, and she’ll tell us how she started Salam Watandar, a network of 53 radio stations throughout the country.

Listen to Jan McArthur's interview (excerpted).

Full Worldview program on SoundCloud

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