InternewsNext: Inspiring Young Voices

The 3 youth speakers: Vladimir, Dawn and Erica

2012 marks Internews’ 30th anniversary. But rather than looking back, we’re focused on the future. Last week we launched InternewsNext: Inspiring Young Voices, at a celebration in Washington, DC.

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InternewsNext is a way to engage and celebrate the voices of youth who are contributing through media to their communities.

This year we’ll highlight 30 youth-led media initiatives in communities around the world, working with journalists, bloggers, developers and others aged 30 or under to develop ideas that address the information needs of their communities.

And we hope you’ll join us by sharing what you think the future of media holds, with the hashtag #next30media on twitter.  We’ve come so far in 30 years (1982 marked the debut of USA Today and the world’s first “luggable” computer, after all) – it’s hard to imagine where media will be 30 years from now. 

Thank you for supporting Internews and local media for the last 30 years, and joining us to celebrate the young voices whose innovations will shape our work for the next 30 years.