Internews' partner, ACAPS, wins OFDA Award on Innovation and Learning

ACAPS has been awarded with the OFDA Award Recognition of Excellence for Innovation and Learning in Disaster Risk Reduction for its Disaster Needs Analysis (DNA). DNAs provide humanitarian actors with an overview of existing information on current crises as well as lessons learned from previous disasters.

The award was granted on the basis of the DNA and the ACAPS video “This is the Disaster Needs Analysis

DNAs are also available on the new Global Emergency Overview (GEO) mobile application and web-interface jointly developed by ACAPS and Internews. View and Download the Global Emergency Overview (GEO) Mobile App.

The GEO provides an easily accessible, updated snapshot of natural disasters and complex emergencies at a global level. This overview is combined with a more in-depth analysis provided through the Disaster Needs Analyses. Until the launch of GEO, the DNAs were shared in PDF format. GEO provides a more agile manner in which to share the analysis and, equally important, receive feedback from responders in the field. This willenhance humanitarian needs assessments and contribute towards a stronger evidence base for decision-making.

The GEO was launched in October 12, 2012 at the Crisis Mappers Conference in Washington.

Development of the GEO mobile app began in early 2011 when ACAPS and Internews’ Humanitarian Information Projects were announced as winners of the first Mobile App Competition organized by the Internews Center for Innovation& Learning for Internews’ teams and projects around the world.


ACAPS is an initiative of a consortium of three NGOs (the Norwegian Refugee Council, HelpAge International, and Merlin) dedicated to improving needs assessments in complex emergencies, sudden onset disasters and protracted crises. ACAPS works with a number of humanitarian actors, including the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Needs Assessment Task Force. Learn more about ACAPS on their web site, and on Twitter at @ACAPSproject.

About the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning

The Internews Center for Innovation & Learning experiments with, captures and shares innovative approaches to communication from around the world. The Center has committed to capturing the technological discoveries of field offices to enrich the knowledge base of the international development community as a whole. Follow the Center online and on Twitter at @info_innovation.

About Internews and Humanitarian Information

Working in partnership with localmedia and aid providers, Internews aims to fulfill people's right to accessinformation, ask questions, and participate in their own relief and recovery.Download a copy of When Information Saves Lives, 2011 Internews' Annual Humanitarian Report, keep track of Internews' Humanitarian Information Projects online, and follow the latest humanitarian communication developments on Twitter @internews, @internewseurope @jqg.

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