Multimedia Centers Help Link Afghans to Each Other and to the World

While digital information technology has revolutionized life in many other countries, due to war and poverty, Afghanistan has lagged behind. Starting in 2011, Internews established the network of Anaar Multimedia Centers in Afghanistan to help link Afghans to each other and to the rest of the world. The centers, located in Hirat, Mazar e Sharif, Jalalabad and Kandahar, provide access to computers and the Internet and to new media tools.

Watch a video about the Anaar Centers

Introductory courses in such subjects as digital photography, audio recording and videography, how to blog or how to make the best use of Facebook, help Afghans make the most of what new media technology can offer.

During the Anaar Center’s first 16 months, more than 3,676 people took courses and there were more than 36,391 individual visits to the centers.

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