Cristiana Falcone

Cristiana Falcone-Sorrell

Chief Executive Officer

JMCMRJ Foundation

Board Member

Cristiana Falcone-Sorrell has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing digital transformation, partnership and business development strategies working directly with the Leadership at global corporations (SONY, Shell, Revlon), international governmental organizations (ILO, IFAD, FAO, UNDCCP, IADB) and the media (Radio Televisione Italiana, Gruppo Espresso, Univision, Viacom). Cristiana spent a decade advising the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum and was appointed to the boards of TIM, SVF3, Revlon and Viacom.

Alongside her credentials in media and innovation, Cristiana is known to be committed to exploring financially viable paths to sustainability across all industries, not least through her work as a non-executive director at the Global Fashion Agenda.

Since 2006, Cristiana has been CEO and trustee of the JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation and has been responsible for the distribution of very substantial amounts to a range of causes supporting the achievement of the UNSDGs goals. Cristiana is a trustee at Tufts University, the Paley Center for Media; Internews, the Summit Institute and Fondazione Guido Carli. She is an investor in tech female founders.