Photo Camp Greece Explores Community and Migration

Internews will partner with National Geographic on a Photo Camp in Athens, Greece in May. Led by National Geographic photographers Robin Hammond and Ronan Donovan, the Photo Camp team will work with a group of 22 young people – both Greek nationals and refugee youth – guiding them to use the power of photography to explore their current challenges and hopes for the future.

The Greece camp is part of a larger Photo Camp initiative, which includes a series of camps in Norway this summer and fall. Photo Camp’s goals are to allow students from the two host countries as well as refugee youth to share their experiences with one another, and for viewers to gain a deeper understanding of these stories through the eyes of young people.

The culmination of the European series will be a projection of student photographs at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.

The mission of National Geographic Photo Camp is to encourage young people to tell their own stories, and to use the power of photography to provide youth perspectives to a wide audience. This project is an opportunity not only to empower youth and to encourage tolerance and understanding, but also to share these students’ stories with the world.

Internews has previously partnered with National Geographic on Photo Camps in Crimea, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Sudan and Kenya.