Connecting on environmental issues in North & South Caucasus

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December 1, 2013
Insights from 36 in-depth interviews with journalists, environmental activists, and environmental scholars in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia

The Caucasus region is home to a range of diverse ecosystems, which are coming under growing threats from unsustainable exploitation and population growth. Internews Europe's Caucasus Connect project, funded by the European Commission, aims to overcome some of the key barriers and disconnects that are preventing the development and uptake of public policy related to climate change and biodiversity. Project activities are addressing the lack of high quality information available to the media, public and policy makers.

Through strong relationships with local media development and environmental NGOs Internews worked to improve the coverage of climate change and biodiversity issues in the media in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Southern Russia. The media can play a unique role by increasing the flow of information, ideas and coverage surrounding these environmental issues. The project bridged the current communication gaps between environmental NGOs, academia, policy makers and their interactions with media, both locally and regionally. Internews worked in partnership with the Green Cross (Russia), Internews Armenia, Internews Azerbaijan, Internews Georgia, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Institute for Environment & Development (IIED).

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