Data Journalism By, About and For Marginalised Communities

Eva Constantaras, data journalism trainer for Internews, has written a chapter titled, “Data Journalism By, About and For Marginalised Communities” for The Data Journalism Handbook based on her work training journalists for Internews.

“Producing data journalism in some of the most impoverished, uneducated and unsafe parts of the world has brought me to an important conclusion about data journalism,” says Constantaras. “Injustice, inequality and discrimination are ubiquitous, insidious and overlooked in most countries. Journalists I work with have unflinchingly embraced new tools to, for the first time, measure just how bad things are, who is suffering as a result, whose fault it is and how to make things better. In these contexts, journalists have embraced data as a means to influence policy, mobilize citizens and combat propaganda. Despite the constraints on free press, data journalism is seen as a means to empowerment.”

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(Banner photo: Data journalism workshop in Pakistan. Credit Internews)