Information Needs & Access to Media among Sudanese Refugees

In April 2017, Internews conducted a field assessment that investigated access to media and information needs among Sudanese refugees in Yida, Ajuong Thok, and Pamir, a settlement and two refugee camps in the northern part of Unity State, South Sudan. The assessment followed the February 2017 launch of Jamjang 89.4 FM, a community radio station and humanitarian information service, based in Ajuong Thok and covering a 70-km radius. The team was especially interested to examine the extent to which beneficiaries believed that a humanitarian information service was critical to the refugee response.

Additional objectives of the research included measuring the level of access to media among Sudanese refugees, identifying their media consumption habits, understanding their information needs, and measuring the demographics of listeners and reach of Jamjang FM’s broadcast. A small number of South Sudanese respondents were included in the sample, as Jamjang FM aims to serve both the refugee and host communities in the area.