Internews Radio Assessment After Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Cover: Internews Radio AssessmentIn the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Internews sent a technical team out to the most affected areas to assess the damage caused by the hurricane.

Internews has a longstanding relationship with local media on the island and believes they have a crucial role to play during and after a humanitarian crisis. In a country where over 70% of the population tunes in daily to radio, local media outlets are essential to rebuild communities, provide life-saving information and allow people to voice their concerns and facilitate the conversation between everyone involved in the recovery of Haiti.

As part of its response, Internews will work with both the Haitian government and the broader humanitarian community to improve two-way communication and ensure that the concerns, questions and comments of the affected population are being captured and shared with the humanitarian actors. But the first step to enable this is to have a clear picture of the technical damage to media outlets and radio stations in particular across the affected region.