Le rôle des médias communautaires dans la stabilisation des régions de post–crise en Afrique

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This report, published in early January 2015, emphasizes the importance of promoting listeners’ groups as a means to assuring communal regulation of the radio station and allowing communities to contribute to shaping the programming. Developing financial transparency and long-term financial viability, which is not dependent on external funding, are also highlighted as central goals to ensure sustainability.

A continued professionalization of the media sector is still required to further train journalists and radio presenters in producing reliable, neutral and high quality information. The report also recommends that national and local authorities take responsibility for reinforcing dialogue, reflecting on problems and seeking common solutions. For Ivory Coast, the report concludes that clarifying the radio stations’ status, in terms of ownership and independency, as well as initiating discussion between local radio stations and regulatory authorities would facilitate the possibility for local stations to work uninterruptedly.

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This report was made possible thanks to the support of Fonds Elaine Jourdain through King Baudouin Foundation.