North Omaha Information Ecosystem Assessment

During the summer of 2017 Internews’ Listening Post Collective, with support from the Omaha based Weitz Family Foundation, conducted an Information Ecosystem Assessment in North Omaha, Nebraska. Listening Post staff met with media workers, community leaders and residents about how information is created and shared in the area, how local media portrays the neighborhood, and the information needs of North Omaha residents. The goal of the North Omaha information ecosystem assessment was to answer four main questions:

  1. Are people in North Omaha getting a steady flow of news and information that’s relevant to their community?
  2. Are people, institutions, and issues in North Omaha being covered in a holistic, in-depth way by local media?
  3. What are the different ways people in North Omaha get and share information on a regular basis?
  4. What are the topics and issues that people in North Omaha would most like to contribute to and hear more about?

This report considers some successful approaches to transmitting information in North Omaha, and it also shares ideas on some online and offline information sharing strategies being tried in other parts of the United States and the rest of the world. Ultimately, the goal is to support a richer and more useful flow of information and conversation through the community, so that residents can get the news they need, and also have their voices heard more frequently.

5 young men sit in a radio studio
101.3 low power FM radio station in basement of Malcolm X Center, North Omaha