Radio Distribution Module, South Sudan

This Radio Distribution Module contains the collective knowledge of the Internews South Sudan team gained over three years’ experience conducting radio distributions within the United Nations Protection of Civilians sites (PoCs) and surrounding communities.

One document contains Parts I and II. Part III. How To Guide is packaged in a separate document, so that you can easily share it and take it with you.

Part I. Context describes the information and media landscape in South Sudan and the continued prominence of radio in people’s lives. It summarizes research on the importance of information access for health, education, and peacebuilding outcomes, and highlights Internews’ radio distribution activities in service of these aims.

Part II. Case Study details radio distributions conducted in the Bentiu PoC and Malakal to expand information access and listenership for Boda Boda Talk Talk and Nile FM programs. The case studies also include lessons learned, particularly the adaptive programming over time, in order to offer recommendations for future radio distributions.

Part III. How To Guide provides a step-by-step methodology for procurement, planning, conducting, and monitoring a radio distribution in any location. It includes guidance on choosing a radio, selecting a distribution sample, various distribution methods, and monitoring and reporting on distribution.

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