Rooted in Trust: Global Rumor Bulletin

Since July 2020, Internews’ Rooted in Trust project has collected close to 20,000 rumours from seven project countries: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Philippines, Colombia, Central African Republic, Mali, and Sudan. We work in 12 local languages and collect data across seven major social media platforms and a wide range of feedback collection channels, including door-to-door surveys, informal meetings, assessments, community meetings, listening groups, SMS, and radio call-in shows.

These Global Rumour bulletins look at key trends across our focal countries and aim to support humanitarian and health workers, media and other communicators to understand the beliefs, fears and misperceptions behind common rumours about COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic. 

Bulletin #1: COVID-19 is a hoax, and what are people saying about vaccines? (December 2020)
In this bulletin we analyze global trends in rumors about the pandemic being a hoax as well as exploring rumors about vaccines – vaccination campaigns, vaccine clinical trials, affordability, access, and distribution. including case studies from our work in Mali and the BARMM region of the Philippines. 
Also available in ArabicSpanish and French.

Bulletin #2: Treatments: Natural medicine, home cures and religious approaches to COVID-19 (February 2021)
In this bulletin we analyze rumors about treating COVID-19 and ponder why so many are rooted in the familiar: natural remedies, remedies found at home in your cupboards and religious remedies where many people find comfort. Including a case study from our work in Lebanon. 
Also available in Spanish

Bulletin #3: Misinformed Messengers: Healthcare workers as an unexpected source of rumors in the pandemic. (March 2021)
In this bulleting we analyze rumors shared by health workers and offer guidance for how vital trusted information sources like these can be supported to deliver quality information to communities during the pandemic. Including case studies from our experiences in Afghanistan, Sudan and Lebanon. 
Also available in Spanish, and French.