SpeakSafe: Media Workers’ Toolkit for Safer Online and Mobile Practices

Toolkit & Curriculum
November 7, 2012

As people who dig for information, produce media content on critical social and political issues, disseminate facts, ideas and opinions through digital platforms, it is important that journalists and bloggers understand the sociopolitical contexts in which we operate. But we also need to understand the interests and technological capabilities of those (governments, organized crime groups, etc.) who want to limit the public’s access to information and are taking decisive steps to curtail it. Finally, we need to make smart decisions and take action to protect ourselves (and the sources we rely on for our work) and ensure our own digital security.

This toolkit introduces reporters, journalists, bloggers and media workers to simple yet effective practices to maintain control of important information and communications. It also introduces several excellent online resources where you can find additional information, tutorials and software.