Trust, Influence, and Connectivity

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Information and media play a critical role in furthering human development and good governance the world over. In Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), a host of factors constrain their ability to do so. Decades of crisis, underpinned by poor governance and regional conflict, have kept the region in a perpetual state of instability, poverty, and isolation. Media accessibility and information flows are consequently limited, leaving FATA’s residents without the information they need to live safer, more productive lives.

Seeking to advance media development in FATA, Internews undertook this project to better understand the information landscape in Pakistan’s tribal regions. This report offers a fresh perspective on the information and media landscape in FATA. It presents insights into the human impacts of information challenges and articulates opportunities to design development programming. By bringing a ground-level, human understanding to the complex dynamics of conflict in the region, this report seeks to supplement other analyses conducted through geopolitical, historical, or security lenses.

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