Shayma Abu Muaileh, Gaza, Multimedia Producer

ShaymaShayma Abu Muaileh was working on the Yalla Shabab program for Forsan Al Irada radio station in the Palestinian Territories when one of the staff members suggested that she join Internews’ training program. “I’d been working in radio for two years prior to joining Internews,” said Shayma. “My experience was limited to radio, but I was really interested in developing my skills in multimedia, especially considering the technology shift happening to this world.” 

Internews’ training helped Shayma change the way she produced Yalla Shabab,which had been very traditional. “I added new clips, reports and pop spots. I also created a Facebook page, to interact with my listeners, which usually helps me generate new topics for the program,” Shayma said.

The video reporting trainings also helped Shayma improve her skills.

“I produced my first video report, which was about sexual harassment of children; it was a challenging subject but we won second prize in a PSA competition,” she said.

“The impact of the spot was really amazing, based on people’s comments on Facebook and the number of shares.” 

(Banner photo: A view of Jabalia refugee camp. Jabalia is the largest of the Gaza Strip’s eight refugee camps. credit: Suhair Karam / IRIN |