Support the Truth and Those Who Report It: Building capacity through sustainable solutions

Radios are everywhere. At least 75% of households in developing countries have access to a radio. Local radio stations reach audiences with news and information as well as original programming, creating a powerful platform for individuals to stay informed and be engaged in their communities.

Two men stand by a solar panel installation
Solar panels are installed at the Jamjang radio station by Issa Kassimu. Credit Internews.

Voice of Freedom FM is a community-run radio station in South Sudan that broadcasts in five local languages. Technical issues with expensive generators forced it to go off the air. Responding to this need, Internews supported the installation of a solar panel system with accompanying electrical setup. By using solar power, the station saved money and was able not only to resume broadcasting, but also to expand and recruit local journalists who deliver more reliable information to their listeners. The success of the solar-powered radio station inspired a local engineer to help replicate the model in other communities.

In Tanzania, Internews led a Business Media Forum for community radio station managers as many stations have difficulty generating sufficient revenue to pay staff salaries and operation costs. The forum emphasized the skills managers need to pitch advertisers and maintain quality content. Internews continues to mentor partner radio stations, helping them translate the newly acquired knowledge and business plan into revenue.

“I came here not knowing how to draw up a business plan. Now I am proud that we have one and we know how to use it to guide our marketing teams.” — –    Abdillah Hassan, marketing manager of HITS FM in Zanzibar

Your support allows us to innovate sustainable solutions that help local media organizations provide their communities with accurate and reliable news and information.