A young woman holds a balloon with some writing on it

Through the Eyes of Afghan Youth

August 1, 2018

The Afghan Youth Voices Festival is the culmination of annual workshops that put communications tools in the hands of young people throughout Afghanistan.

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This spring, the festival highlighted the work of young people in the past three years. An exhibit and book featured photography by festival participants.

Through these photos, the young people show and reflect on the issues that matter in their communities – education, security, work, family, and friends.

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Since 2015, Internews has worked in partnership with Afghanistan Youth Cultural and Arts Organization (AYCAO) to implement the annual AYVF. AYCAO delivered multimedia and social media trainings, as well as several cultural and social events, which culminated in the main festival events of AYVF, engaging more than 3,600 youth. The Afghan Youth Voices Festival is supported by USAID.


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