Mangroves on a small island in a river

EJN Increases Support for Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Change Reporting Ahead of its 15th Anniversary

July 24, 2019

Workshop and Story Grants Support Mexican, Central American Journalists in Reporting on the Mesoamerican Reef

Given the importance of the Mesoamerican Reef system, EJN collaborated with our local partner, the Mexican Network of Environmental Journalists (REMPA), to host a reporting work

LACCCB - Rainbow to Reef

EJN to Take Eight Journalists to the Latin America and Caribbean Congress on Conservation Biology 2018

June 29, 2018

As part of the three-year Biodiversity Media Initiative to encourage strong media coverage of biodiversity and conservation issues, EJN will bring 8 journalists to the inaugural Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology (LACCCB 2018) in Trinidad & Tobago.