Toolkits & Publications

A group of journalists walks along a dirt road in a camp

What Matters?

Reports & Surveys

BBC Media Action, Internews, and Translators Without Borders are working together to collect and collate feedback from communities affected by the Rohingya crisis and by producing monthly bulletins in English and Bangla summarizing the information. 

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Infographic about access to HIV Treatment in Kenya

Data Journalism Tools and Research

Toolkit & Curriculum

Internews has prepared a set of documents for a data journalism curriculum. The tools and research offered in this section should help practitioners design their own robust data journalism program.

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A man writes on the outside wall of a building.

Protéger les Libertés de Presse et d'Expression en RD Congo

Brochures & Annual Reports

Since 2011, Internews has worked with professional media organizations, associations of lawyers, human rights defenders, the Parliament (National Assembly and Senate), the public regulator, and the Superior Council for Audiovisual and Communication for the improvement of the lega...

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A man using a wheelchair sits by a bus that is inaccessible.

Histoire humaine: Fiche action

Toolkit & Curriculum

Pourquoi des histoires humaines ? Le plaidoyer dénonce un problème de droits humains et propose des solutions. Le plaidoyer s'adresse à la raison : pour être compris il réclame de l'attention, du temps pour écouter, de l'ouverture d'esprit...

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