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Apply for the Eastern Caribbean Small Grants (ECSG) Program: An Opportunity for Journalists In Barbados & Dominica

April 7, 2021

Clara Lionel FoundationDuring these difficult times, journalists are playing critical supporting roles in communities. The information they disseminate not only keeps us informed but keeps us safe and can literally save lives. Their stories demonstrate our shared experience and helps us explore solutions to many societal problems. Internews, with funding from the Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF), is therefore launching its Eastern Caribbean Small Grants (ECSG) Program, to support the production of stories that highlight climate OR COVID resilient groups and communities in Barbados and Dominica.

The Grants program is intended to advance creative reporting approaches and innovative storytelling to journalists armed with the skills to independently investigate and tell important stories that have been underreported.


Story Approach & Format

Resilience stories and solutions should focus on those hardest hit by the climate or COVID crisis e.g marginalized groups, women and children, the elderly, persons living with disabilities, indigenous groups OR small farmers, and their process of adaptation and transformation. Reporting may cover aspects of resilience related to the preparation, response, or impact of climate change or the COVID pandemic on these groups and may include social, emotional, economic and equity issues. We expect that stories will be produced with equipment applicants already have access to and we encourage the use of multimedia.


Applications are open to freelance and full-time journalists (online, print, television, radio) and other media practitioners in either Barbados or Dominica. Those who are awarded grants should publish or broadcast their stories in their affiliated media once Internews is also given rights to edit, publish, broadcast and distribute the grantees’ stories freely afterward.

Freelancers should demonstrate a plan for publication or broadcast and are encouraged to provide a letter of interest from an editor.  

We expect to award 4 grants ranging from $800US to $1,200US each, and applicants are required to provide a budget justification for the amount requested.

Judging Criteria

All reporting must be fact-based and accurate and should consider:

  • Relevance: Why does this story matter and to whom?
  • Angle: How does the story bring new insights to the topic being reported?
  • Impact: Does the story of resilience have a compelling narrative that will inform, engage, draw attention and prompt action?
  • Innovative storytelling: Does the story use creative approaches, multimedia and data visualization?

Application Process

  1. Click on the Apply Now button on this page. 
  2. If you start the application and want to come back and complete it later, you can click “Save Draft.” To return to the draft, you’ll need to go back to the opportunity and click “Apply Now” again to finalize the application.
  3. Applicants should provide a budget narrative justification for the amount requested.
  4. Please include the cost for translation in the budget, if necessary. Please also note on your budget form if you are receiving funding from other donors for the story.

Applications submitted after the deadline of April 30, 2021 will not be considered. (11:59pm EST)


(Banner photo: Marigot, Dominica. By Kaspar C/Flickr/CC)