Central African Republic - Projects

March 11, 2013
<h3> <a name="CRCN"></a>The Community Radio Correspondents Network (CRCN) &ndash; 2012</h3>

The Community Radio Correspondents Network (CRCN) – 2012

This project focused on areas in CAR where the local population is in urgent need of information, but where there is no radio coverage to provide it. In these areas, humanitarian needs and security concerns can be more quickly addressed when opportunities are created for people to exchange information. Internews and AJHR identified 10 information-dark communities in the eastern part of the country. A group of local correspondents from these communities were trained on basic journalism techniques and they provided information directly to AJHR via mobile phone and SMS platforms, which is in turn shared with international organizations, and collated and sent back to the communities to share via bulletin boards, community meetings or other methods.

Mobile2Radio: Connecting Local Media, Humanitarian Actors and Communities through Innovative Communication Flows - 2012

This project supported innovative practice and research designed to increase understanding of how communication flows and technology can best be leveraged to improve peace-building. In addition to supporting the ongoing work of local partner AJHR, Internews piloted the use of Frontline SMS in two radio stations in Bambari and Obo to connect and research the relationship between humanitarian agencies and local media. More information: Communication for Peacebuilding Priority Grant Program Learning Group Report

Integrating Local Media and Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) into Humanitarian Response - 2012

This innovative project supported a bounded network of trusted local media organizations in gathering first-hand information from populations using mobile phones. This information was then geo-located, processed and displayed using an interactive map (Ushahidi platform) in order to aid humanitarian decision-making to improve their situational awareness and emergency response, thus fostering greater community participation and building community resilience through enabling a two-way communication flow. More information: Final Reflections - Integrating Local Media and ICTs into Humanitarian Response in the Central African Republic.