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Giving Young People the Tools to Communicate

August 6, 2018
Celebrating International Youth Day, August 12

The youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders. Internews works around the world to help young people express their opinions and participate in their communities.

By encouraging young people to create and understand media – to write, make photographs, videos, blog posts, and more – we not only give them an outlet for expression but help to demystify media.

For International Youth Day, August 12, we celebrate and highlight the young media makers we’ve worked with recently, in Moldova, Afghanistan and Tunisia.

silhouette of a man walking
Building Bridges

Youth in Moldova tell stories through an inclusive lens

a young woman holds a white balloon with writing on it
Through the Eyes of Afghan Youth

The Youth Voices Festival showcases media, art, and music by the next generation

A man operates a drone while two young women look on
Journalism Beyond Borders

Tunisian and American university students share thoughts about press freedom