A journalist interviews a woman sitting on a porch.

Helen Fortunate Mayelle, Uganda, Media & Communications Officer

August 8, 2012
Using video advocacy to fight injustices and human rights abuses

Twenty-seven year old Helen Fortunate Mayelle is Media and Communication officer at Refugee Law Project based in the war torn northern region of Uganda, where she has found a passion for video advocacy, using it to fight injustices and human rights abuses. 

Mayelle started out in community radio in her home town of Arua. While working at Radio Pacis ("Peace" in Italian), she received training in radio production from Internews and produced radio dramas about social issues, including gender based violence.

"They trained us for two weeks and it was very intensive. And this is when I knew, true journalism is this one. They taught us true journalism, the ethics of journalism and how to do good reporting, issues of objectivity. I got a lot of empowerment from the guys at Internews."

When Mayelle worked for NTV in Uganda, she started a program for children - Planet K - that still exists today. 

In 2012, Mayelle was one of twelve journalists selected for an Internews Media Policy Fellowship scholarship to attend the 14th Annual Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute.

Watch an interview with Helen: