Kabul Innovation Lab

January 20, 2012
Internews, in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is hosting the 2012 Innovation Lab in Kabul, Afghanistan, January 23-26.

Witness national and international software engineers, developers, programmers, researchers, managers, professionals and students in the fields of ICT, media and technology create tech solutions for social impact in Afghanistan.

Be part of the very first innovation lab ever to be held in Afghanistan. Document local and foreign innovators working together to raise awareness about technological solutions for social problems and accelerate the growth of Afghanistan's ICT future.

Day one of the Innovation Lab, interview participating subject-matter experts and hear their first-hand experience as they showcase the current capabilities of ICT in health, education, citizenship, media and agriculture. Also see how these tools are being utilized around the world. Meet representatives from the MCIT, USAID, academia, telecommunication companies, social media enterprises, the ICT community and civil society organizations as they come to understand the current state of Afghanistan’s telecommunications and internet.

The final three days of the lab, watch as participants are split into groups and challenged to solve one of six social issues confronting Afghanistan. Each group will compete to develop the most efficient, ubiquitous, relevant and sustainable innovation to assist local communities.

Participants are available for media interviews; photo taking is on their own discretion. If you would like to provide media coverage of the event please contact KabulLab@gmail.com and visit us at www.KabulInnovationLab.com.