In Memory of Pavel Sheremet

July 21, 2016

We join the international community in shock, anger and sadness at the loss of Pavel Sheremet in Kyiv on July 20th in a car bombing. Pavel represented the very best of journalism – dogged, unyielding and passionate. A full and independent investigation must be carried out to ensure all those responsible are swiftly brought to justice.

Internews had the great good fortune of working with Pavel in Russia, Ukraine and across the Eurasia region, where he gave his time generously, with kindness and his particular brand of ironic humor, to helping young colleagues in the journalism profession improve their skills and achieve their potential.  He was a regular fixture at Internews journalism schools and workshops and travelled all around Russia running master classes at the regional journalism competitions “News – Local Time” and “Time to Act.”

Manana Aslamazyan, Internews country director in Russia during this period, commented: “Hundreds of young journalists could call him their teacher and their friend. Each of his workshops always lasted much longer than planned because Pavel shared his knowledge so openly and thoughtfully. No one ever took offense even though his opinions were expressed very directly, because his advice was always objective, professional and respectful. Whenever colleagues from other countries asked me to recommend a good trainer I always recommended Pavel, because I knew they’d get a wonderful coach. Pavel became friends with so many Internewsers around the world and with so many journalists in the former Soviet space. Everyone who met him always thinks of this cheerful, smart, big beautiful man who was always interesting and fun to be around. We are all shocked by this terrible tragedy.”

Pavel had a major journalistic quality – an avid interest in life in all its manifestations. He could talk to anyone and make anyone laugh. He was kind and reliable and never betrayed the principles of the profession. A true professional, he was able to keep the right distance between the journalist and the government. Pavel was unfailingly inspiring to young journalists and helped keep the profession infused with new talent in a region all too often beset by journalistic challenges. We are deeply grateful for his partnership and help.

Pavel Sheremet leaves a large gap in the journalism world. He will be missed.