Watch: Women and the Mobile Data Revolution

In partnership with Vodafone Americas Foundation and TechSalon, Internews convened a conversation on the social and economic implications of the mobile data revolution on women and communities around the world, March 2nd at Vodafone in New York.

Watch a video of the event:

Terri McCullough of the Clinton Foundation and Robert Kirkpatrick of UN Global Pulse joined Internews President Jeanne Bourgault in a conversation moderated by Linda Raftree of TechSalon.

June Sugiyama, head of Vodafone Americas Foundation, introduced the speakers and announced a new pillar of Vodafone Americas Foundation’s work, Empowering Women and Girls through Technology.

McCollough spoke of the dearth of data that shows specific metrics around women. “We are thinking about the data revolution in terms of opportunity to really begin to collect that gender-disaggregated data to create a strong foundation from which we can really close gender gaps all around the world.”

Along with the data revolution, Kirkpatrick focused on an accountability revolution. “This is not about the data itself, it’s about who has access to it, and who can use it to hold governments accountable.”

All the speakers recognized the crucial importance of women in achieving advancements through technology. “The data revolution will not be realized if it doesn’t include everyone…including the biggest demographic that is currently excluded: women,” said Bourgault.