Having worked in China for ten years and through the International Center for Communications Development since 2008, Internews is now a leading player in the development of the country’s media, rule of law, and access to information. While maintaining an emphasis on international exchange and journalism trainings on environmental, public health, cultural, ethical, and legal issues, Internews has recently expanded its scope of activities in the country to include data visualization workshops and innovation labs, with the ultimate aim of promoting the understanding of social media in the Chinese context and moving towards a more transparent and accountable public sphere.

Internews’ Earth Journalism Network maintains a strong presence in China, building off its previous environmental health work in the country to publish toolkits and host forums and field trips for Chinese journalists covering oceans and fisheries issues. 

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    Vulnerable and under-represented populations—in particular women, youth, and indigenous communities—often face a serious information gap when it comes to solutions-based information on how to adapt to climate change’s impacts. Despite bearing the least responsibility for the conditions accelerating climate change, they are often impacted most and their voices and concerns are rarely heard, in either local or international media.

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