Internews provides technical support to independent TV, radio, print, and online media sources in the Eurasia region, trains career and citizen journalists in professional, ethical journalism, and assists traditional media outlets to create interactive, multimedia online presences. Internews works with local media NGOs and associations to create active networks of media professionals, enabling them to speak out with one voice against censorship and repressive policies.

Other support includes providing legal assistance to journalists and bloggers in trouble and advocating for free and open internet policies. Internews' work in the region creates opportunities for dialogue across borders, bringing colleagues from polarized societies together in collaborative exchanges.

In 2016, Internews launched a project financed by the European Union to enable citizens and policy-makers improved access to information and data on the environment and natural resources in Central Asia.

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  • The State of Media in Ukraine: the Internews Annual Survey

    Tuesday, October 4, 2016
    Ukraine has a pluralistic, mature media landscape, although much of it is tinged with propaganda. Every year, Internews conducts an in-depth survey to track the evolution of this landscape, seeking to understand how people access and process critical news and information. The 2016 survey reveals a drop in trust of Russian media, an increase in people getting their news from the internet, and a growing awareness of ownership of local and national media.