Internews provides technical support to independent TV, radio, print, and online media sources in the Eurasia region, trains career and citizen journalists in professional, ethical journalism, and assists traditional media outlets to create interactive, multimedia online presences. Internews works with local media NGOs and associations to create active networks of media professionals, enabling them to speak out with one voice against censorship and repressive policies. Other support includes providing legal assistance to journalists and bloggers in trouble and advocating for free and open internet policies. Internews' work in the region creates opportunities for dialogue across borders, bringing colleagues from polarized societies together in collaborative exchanges.

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  • Media Literacy Added to Teachers’ Curriculum in Ukraine

    Teachers walk down hallway of radio station
    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Twelve pedagogical colleges across Ukraine will soon launch a media literacy course for secondary school teachers-in-training, thanks to a new media literacy curriculum developed with support from the U-Media project, which is supported by Internews. Media literacy courses teach people how to consume media wisely, giving them the tools they need to recognize accurate, fair, and balanced media, and to reject biased, inaccurate and harmful media.

  • Media Literacy Course Will Reach Public Schools across Armenia

    2 girls work at their desks
    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    The media literacy curriculum created by Internews’ local Armenian partner, the Media Initiatives Center (MIC), was officially approved by the Armenian Ministry of Education for use in public schools across the country beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. This represents a major accomplishment for MIC, which has been working on the curriculum for more than a year.

    The ten-lesson course teaches students how to evaluate messages they see in the media with a critical eye and introduces them to the basics of media production in a variety of formats, from print and online to TV and radio.