Internews provides grants to independent TV stations seeking to improve the quality of their news and informational programming, as well as increase the amount of programming they are able to broadcast in local languages. Programs produced in Kazakhstan enjoy popularity throughout the region, including “Matrix,” on computer and internet technologies, and “Open Asia,” featuring stories from four Central Asian nations in each episode.

Internews offers workshops and trainings for journalists on new media skills and objective news reporting and provides consultations to print media outlets seeking to transition into convergent newsrooms. Working with nearly 40 TV stations across Kazakhstan, Internews created the country’s first programming exchange network, allowing these stations to bring high-quality content produced by their colleagues to viewers across the nation.

A legal support team in Kazakhstan helps stations understand their rights and responsibilities as content producers and distributors. Thanks in large part to their efforts and the increase in locally produced content, the once-common practice of “pirating” foreign programs and films for domestic broadcast has all but ceased.

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