Internews’ Covering Energy project in Iraq nurtured a group of energy reporters, who gained a solid skill set amid market demand for their expertise. Through workshops, lectures, field trips and regular evaluations of their work, the journalists published close to 300 news stories about Iraq's extraction industry. The mentorship culminated in 2013 in a national competition for the best in-depth oil story. The winner’s story was picked up and published by CNN Arabic.

In the latter half of 2013 and thru the end of 2014, Internews has been working with 120 Iraqi civil society organizations (CSOs) who need to develop their skills communicating their issues to the Iraqi media and to their various stakeholders. This involves workshops, mentorships, and ultimately will be about developing a one-on-one partnership between 20 Iraqi journalists and 20 CSOs. The CSOs are taught how to pitch and broadcast stories using a variety of tools. 

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  • New Interactive Map Reveals Iraq’s Oil Infrastructure

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Journalists and others keen to understand Iraq’s oil industry have a new tool at their disposal: an interactive map showing the locations of oil pipelines, refineries, tanker terminals, gas fields, oil wells and oil fields around the country. The map, created under Internews’ Covering Energy project in Iraq, marks the first time this data has been publicly available in one place.

  • Covering Energy in Iraq

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    Two new videos, one in English and one in Arabic, describe the history of oil development in Iraq. The videos were produced by Internews' Covering Energy project in Iraq, which was designed to raise energy literacy across the Iraqi media, create and embed a core of specialist energy reporters, and help the media and civil society fulfill their vital role in assisting positive moves by the government towards greater transparency and accountability in the industry and promote a more active role for citizens in the development of their country.