Internews’ project in Niger addresses information needs of local Nigerien citizens, whose daily lives are affected by the presence of extractive industries in their communities. Niger, a landlocked country in the Sahel, is ranked one of the poorest countries in Africa, despite being resource rich. While there is tremendous potential for these resources to act as a driver of growth and development, the circulation of information about the management of natural resources is extremely limited. Local civil society organizations (CSOs) and local communities lack the access to information, knowledge and tools to hold government officials accountable in the management of these national resources.

Internews in Niger is working, in partnership with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), to strengthen the capacity of local CSOs and media outlets to foster citizen participation and increase oversight of natural resource management in Niger. The project also aims to amplify the voices of local Nigeriens by creating clear channels of communication and enhancing interactivity between local communities and local media outlets.

The main activities of this project include strengthening the capacity of journalists and media outlets to report on natural resource management and enabling local communities to participate in the dialogue over natural resource management through crowdsourcing platforms connected to local media. Internews also worked with OpenOil to produce a comprehensive “wiki” on the extractive industries in Niger.

The Internews’ project is funded by IFES. 

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