Internews partners with universities and organizations around the world to better understand the media development landscape and the impact that media development has on the communities we work with.

Harvard University

Liberia: Electoral Debates

Harvard University researchers conducted research alongside Internews’ year-long effort to train media agencies and journalists to report on the 2017 elections and to run 126 public debates in every single district in Liberia – a first for the country. As a result of citizen exposure to the debates, the research found statistically significant increases in citizens’ political engagement, knowledge about candidates in the election, and ultimately turnout on Election Day, across the nation.

Zimbabwe: Countering Misinformation

Harvard University researchers conducted research alongside Internews and Kubatana, a local human rights and civic information NGO, to assess whether information delivered through WhatsApp messages can change beliefs and behaviors in light of the abundance of COVID-related misinformation circulating through social media. The study provided evidence that accurate information provided by a trusted social media source can improve knowledge, counter misinformation and encourage positive health behaviors in relation to COVID-19.