Internews has been working continuously in Ukraine since 1993. Through grant support and targeted technical assistance, Internews helps a wide array of local partners carry out projects that they design and implement themselves. These initiatives include educating citizens and journalists about the public service role of a responsible media sector, increasing the quality and quantity of investigative reporting by local journalists, helping traditional media increase their online offerings, providing legal support to journalists and media outlets, and reforming media legislation to approach European standards. Through trainings, consultations, and grants, Internews also helps its partners build their own organizational capacity in finance, administration, digital security, and other areas.

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  • For the World’s Daughters To See

    Friday, January 15, 2016

    Chime for Change, a global platform for supporting women’s voices, invited us to contribute three videos about remarkable women we work with who are courageously working in media in very difficult situations – South Sudan, Myanmar and Ukraine.

    When the world consumes media – online or traditional – only 10% of all stories they see, hear or read feature women.

    We believe that women's inclusion and participation in media and information is critical to helping our daughters see the range of their possibilities in life.

  • For the World’s Daughters To See

    Chime for Change - Founded by Gucci
    Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    (This article from Chime for Change was written by Internews President & CEO Jeanne Bourgault.)

    Anne Marie Slaughter, a US foreign policy expert, once said that when John Kerry was nominated as US Secretary State in 2013, her son asked her: “mom, how can a man be a Secretary?” For the previous eight years, two women had held the high-profile position. To me, the boy’s astonishment captures the influence of public role models in shaping a child’s perspectives on life and what can be done.