The inclusion, leadership and representation of women, girls, and gender and sexual minorities within the media and information sector is a prerequisite for the recognition and integral enjoyment of rights by all.

Internews believes that access to information is a root solution that enables people to make informed decisions, participate in dialogue, stand up for their rights, influence public policy and social norms, and hold governments and other institutions to account.

Internews works to enable everyone to participate meaningfully and freely in society to achieve their full potential, and that requires an inclusive and intersectional gender lens. Across the world, women, girls, and gender and sexual minorities are disproportionately affected by information inequality as audiences, content producers, and leaders in the media and information sector. These inequalities preclude societies from achieving gender equality and individuals from achieving their full potential.

Our Strategy

In 2022, Internews launched an updated Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy (2022-2024) to reflect our ongoing commitment to equality inclusive of gender and sexual minorities. This strategy shapes the way we plan, design, implement, monitor and learn from our work. It strives to advance equality across all gender identities and healthy information environments for all.

Gender Projects

Internews works in countries around the world to include more women in media and to make sure women can stay safe online.
Gender Projects

Toolkits & Resources

Toolkits & Resources

If we women don’t talk about what affects women most, men journalists won’t. If female journalists would keep quiet, those things would keep happening to us.

MAE AZANGO, Liberian journalist who spoke out about sexual harassment among female journalists in Liberia

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