In 2022, Internews launched a new Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy (2022-2024) to reflect our ongoing commitment to equality inclusive of gender and sexual minorities.

The strategy mirrors Internews’ mission: to support healthy information environments for all.

In this strategy, Internews lays out our expected outcomes for consistent improvements for the next three years. Built on Internews 2025 Strategic Framework and the insights of over 300 staff and partners from around the world, this document provides a framework to support gender equality and inclusion across all Internews’ programming. Further, this strategy is designed to:

  • Build a common understanding of the fundamental role that gender plays in hindering or fostering progress across all of Internews’ technical domains and practices, recognizing the need to be flexible and responsive to local contexts.
  • Define clear actions for gender-sensitive and gender-transformative programming (see definitions in Annex 2), considering each element of information environments to reduce gender disparities in access to, participation in, control over, and benefit from media and information for people of all genders and in all their diversity.
  • Set cross-cutting priorities with actionable points under each to further enable staff and partners to build a coordinated effort toward gender equality in the programs we deliver.

Internews’ Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2024 describes the key principles that guide our work focused on gender equality, key challenges to gender equality in the media and information spaces, the Internews framework for addressing these challenges, and the detailed outcomes under the different elements and cross-cutting priorities.