Jeanne Bourgault
President and CEO

Usha Chaudhary
Chief Operations Officer

Alex Cole
Vice President of External Affairs

Shannon England
Vice President for Global Development

Deborah Ensor
Senior Vice President, Technical Leadership

Erica Feldkamp
Vice President for Information Technology and Security

Maria Fernandez-Garcia
Regional Director for the Americas

Susanne Fischer
Regional Director for Middle East & North Africa Programs

Brian D. Hanley
Regional Director for Asia Programs

Reagan Kirsten
Vice President, People and Culture

Rosie Parkyn
Global Director of Impact

Brice Rambaud
Regional Director for Africa Programs

Marjorie Rouse
Chief Programs Officer

Meera Selva
Chief Executive for Europe

Abdurahman Sharif
Senior Director of Partnerships and Outreach, Europe

Dmitri Surnin
Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia

Heather Waldo
Vice President of Finance and Accounting