Working to improve communication flows and trust between humanitarian organizations, local media and the people affected by humanitarian crises.

In humanitarian crises, people affected by unfolding events need more than physical necessities: they urgently need information. Internews has played a pioneering role in the field of humanitarian communications, working closely with local media and aid agencies to ensure that people affected by crises have access to timely, reliable information in languages they understand, and have the opportunity to feed back to humanitarian agencies to inform response efforts.


Internews’ approach to humanitarian assistance consists of a set of activities and methodologies that are closely linked to each other, and that can be combined in different ways to help Internews engage with communities. These strategies are heavily localized and implemented through a variety of tools and systems, but always responding to one imperative: communities themselves are the heart of every project and their engagement is key to achieving an accountable and effective humanitarian response and recovery.

Rooted in Trust

Rooted in Trust is a pandemic response plan countering the unprecedented scale and speed of the spread of rumors and misinformation about COVID-19.
Rooted in Trust


Before beginning a project, Internews conducts assessments to fully understand the context of the information environment where the project will take place.

While covering a recent protest, I was chased by unknown assailants on motorcycles. It is thanks to the skills I learned during the Internews training that I was able to evade them and safely return home.”

Iraqi woman journalist (name withheld to protect her security)

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