Today’s world is starkly divided by information. Trust in media has plummeted. People have retreated to the isolation of their filtered realities. Information is polarized and weaponized.

Internews was founded to bridge information divides. At the time of our founding in 1982, this mission was important. Today, it is essential – to the survival of democracy, the race against the climate crisis, the toughest challenges facing humanity. 

At Internews, we are determined to meet this moment with a degree of innovation and tenacity that matches its urgency. That is why we have developed a new strategy to guide us over the next three years.  

FOR YOUR INFORMATION is not just a blueprint to guide our work. It is a statement of purpose, so that your information – the one that shapes the choices and aspirations of communities in 100+ countries where we work – can be independent, fair, and fact-based.