Sustaining media outlets around the world through new and creative business models.

Internews helps media outlets become and stay solvent so that citizens, businesses and governments everywhere can benefit from the positive impact of high-quality, local news and information.

United for News

United for News, a multi-stakeholder coalition, seeks to support local media organizations in their transition to digital; to foster economically viable creation and distribution of trusted content; and to increase the positive impact of quality content on the well-being of native businesses, government, and citizens.

Ads for News

Ads for News is a curated portfolio of trusted local news websites – screened by local partners to exclude content unsuitable for brands, such as disinformation.
Ads for News

As media face the potential ‘extinction event’ of COVID-19, we’re more focused than ever on innovative strategies to help independent, local media not only survive but thrive in the digital economy.

Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault

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