Accessible, accurate, relevant information is the first defense against disinformation.

Every community needs thriving independent media to deliver trustworthy information, so that citizens can make informed decisions about their lives. Citizens must be empowered to seek out the information they need, have the skills to separate good information from bad, and have the ability to add their voice and raise their concerns. Disinformation must be investigated and understood, with those responsible for its production and amplification held to account.

Internews understands harmful information to be an ecosystemic problem. We believe that strong and resilient information ecosystems are our best defense against diverse information-related threats. Read more about Internews’ Framework for Information Integrity and community resilience and our formative Information Ecosystem Model.

“Without facts, you can’t have truth. Without truth, you can’t have trust. Without all three, we have no shared reality, and democracy as we know it—and all meaningful human endeavors—are dead.”

Nobel Prize Winner Maria Ressa

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