Internews in Liberia

Internews has been working with media and civil society across Liberia since 2014, with the operating office in Monrovia. Currently, Internews is implementing three large-scale media development programs funded by USAID, the EU, and the Swedish Embassy.

USAID Media Activity

Five years, August 16, 2021 – August 14, 2026

The five-year Media Activity aims to enhance the human and institutional capacity of the media sector while advocating for and maintaining current media freedoms to reliably carry out responsible journalism, drive reforms, and increase revenue. In partnership with seven media partners, Internews works to enhance the capacity of media to produce reliable, relevant, and accurate information; enhance the media’s ability to serve as a conduit for information between citizens and government; improve the organizational and financial sustainability of community radio stations; and, strengthen enabling environment for freer media.

The seven local media partners are the Press Union of Liberia, Female Journalists Association of Liberia, Association of Liberia Community Radio, Center for Media Studies and Peacebuilding, Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives, Talking Drum Studio and Youth Media Action.

EU-funded Liberia Media Initiative

24 months, 23 November 2020 – 23 November 2022

This project is to enhance freedom of expression and information, strengthening media professionalism and quality delivery of information while addressing challenges generated by online disinformation campaigns. Freedom of expression is promoted through quality journalism which includes capacity building of journalists to improve storytelling and strengthening capacities to identify and counter misinformation and disinformation campaigns, hate speech and rumors in traditional and social media. The Government passes specific legislation addressing the protection of data and privacy and advocates for the media industry to pass regulations on personal data privacy (in journalists’ code of conduct etc.) as a result of advocacy. Freedom of information is promoted through the implementation of FOI Act (and the increase of citizen awareness on the FOI Act) as well as the production of stories focusing on government accountability (investigative journalism).

SIDA-funded Improving Citizens’ Access to Public Information through Community Radio Content Syndication in Liberia (Radio Content Syndication in Liberia)

36 months, 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2025

The project aims to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of a network of Liberian community radios in serving as a conduit for citizen voices and government response through two Objectives: 1) Increase the quantity, quality, and reach of community radio content on critical issues through content syndication and information-sharing network. With Internews’ support, the Association of Liberia Community Radios (ALICOR) will set up and operate a multimedia facility for content gathering production, and distribution of high-quality processed radio programs broadcast through its member radios with nationwide coverage. ALICOR will promote the two-way flow of information (government to people and from people to their government) and serve as the centre for training community radio journalists in basic radio production and broadcasting techniques and skills. 2) Improve management, organizational capacity, and financial sustainability of ALICOR and community radio stations. Internews will strengthen ALICOR’s governance, business model, and financial sustainability. Its facility and content syndication mechanism will be strengthened to continue and expand its activities and provide media business support to community radio stations.