Asia and Pacific Grants, COVID-19 Resources, and Investigative Reporting Gets Results

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EJN Awards Grants for Investigative Environmental Reporting in Asia and the Pacific

Following a competitive call for story proposals,EJN recently selected six journalists to receive story grants for investigative environmental reporting. We’re also providing funding specifically for coverage by six South Pacific journalists as part of our efforts to deepen support for environmental reporting in the vast region. Read more>>

Need for Environmental Reporting as Great as it’s Ever Been

As the spread of Covid-19 began shutting down economies around the globe, EJN was in the process of organizing journalism trainings and awarding grants across several of our programs. The reporters who received those grants are currently doing background research, data collection and expert interviews as they wait for a time when they can safely begin their field reporting. In the interim, EJN has worked to strengthen our catalogue of resources, and we’ve reached out directly to our current grantees to learn about the challenges they’re facing and what they need to help them through this crisis. Read more>>

EJN-Supported Series on New Philippine Eco-City Leads Government to Address Unjust Treatment of Indigenous Group

In 2018, Filipino reporter Mariejo Ramos learned that an ambitious climate-resilient city designed as part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program would displace around 20,000 families of the Aeta tribe—an indigenous group in the Philippines. Her reporting prompted the government to respond, generated public sympathy and drew attention from other media. Read more>>

Fifteen Journalists Selected to Attend Indian Ocean Marine Science Training

A group of 15 journalists from 11 countries across the Indian Ocean region have been chosen to attend a three-day marine science workshop in the Maldives now slated to take place next year. Part of the Ocean Media Initiative from EJN and supported by the Bertarelli Foundation, the workshop will train participants to better understand marine science and how to report it. Read more>>

EJN Fellow’s Reporting Helped Bring Change to Tanzania’s Mining Laws

Felix Mwakyembe, a Tanzanian journalist based in the province of Mbeya, produced some stories on a Chinese-run gold mining operation in Chunya district in 2010. The stories alleged that the company was polluting the Zira and Lupa Rivers, which provide fresh water to more than a dozen villages downstream, and was violating Tanzania’s Environmental Law. The Tanzanian government apparently agreed, because it subsequently put an end to the activities of the Epoch Gold Mining Company. Read more>>