A blog by Chioma Nwaodike

Chioma head shotHello everyone! I’m Chioma Nwaodike, a lawyer from Nigeria. I work as a legal officer for Media Rights Agenda (MRA), a non-governmental organization working to promote and protect freedom of expression, access to information, and digital rights in Nigeria and across the African continent. I’m involved in litigation and policy advocacy, from analyzing laws, bills, and policies that impede freedom of expression, to carrying out campaigns and training/capacity building.

I am currently an Atlas Corps Fellow in Washington DC, where I am working at Internews as the Internet Policy Fellow. During the course of my yearlong fellowship, I will be publishing blog posts and articles here that discuss a broad range of topics around digital rights and internet freedom. Please follow along with me as I explore these issues.

January 16, 2020: Privacy and Welfare Surveillance among Vulnerable Communities

In November I attended the “The Color of Surveillance: Monitoring Poor and Working People” conference, hosted by Georgetown University Law Center in partnership with Free Press and MediaJustice. The Color of Surveillance conference addressed the dynamics of privacy, surveillance, and technology in the context of the experiences of the poor, the unhoused, and low-income workers. Read more>>

March 17, 2020: The AI Digital Divide – An African Perspective

For this month’s blog post, I want to explore the broad and ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For many of us, AI conjures up images from science fiction of advanced, human-like robots programmed to do household chores and operate alongside humans. However, these popular conceptions fail to capture fully the variety of ways in which AI is currently impacting people around the world. Read more>>

(Banner photo: Computer lab BTS in Nigeria. Credit: Christopher Congdon/Flickr/CC)