Clean Insights Symposium Extraordinaire – The Grand Finale!

Throughout May and the beginning of June, Internews partnered with the Guardian Project to host the Clean Insights Symposium, a new collaborative experience to develop, design and discuss ethical analytics and privacy-preserving measurement! The symposium challenged attendees to consider new ways to measure their applications and services to gain valuable insights, while not violating the trust and dignity of those they seek to benefit.

The Grand Finale

Dive into the highlights from the final act of the Symposium, including:

Collaborative design events ? on the Qubes OS and Circulo app exploring how a deeper understanding of popular and successful use cases can directly impact development.

A research report by Okthanks on “Learning from Open-Source Tool Teams about Privacy Preserving Measurement”. The research report drew from interviews with 10 tool teams who are part of the BASICS project and focused on: 

- What teams are interested in measuring
- What is meaningful for their mission
- What level of tolerance their users would have for being measured

A discussion on “How to Measure Círculo, an app built on Safety, Security, and Privacy? with Fabiola Maurice and Nathan Freitas (Guardian Project), Vladimir Cortez and Martha Tudon (Article 19), and Carrie Winfrey and Tiffany Robertson (Okthanks). The Circulo project, currently available as an Android app in beta, is considering how it might enable a Clean Insights style of app measurement and analytics, and if so to what ends and purpose?

The symposium concluded with a discussion on the next steps for Clean Insights as an SDK, during which attendees shared how their thinking has evolved on the questions, “Can Analytics Be Ethical? Are you ready to measure more meaningfully?” 

The Circulo collaborative data drawing session.

We appreciate the time attendees donated to participate in Clean Insights! For more information on Clean Insights, please visit