Supporting Ukrainian Journalists on the Frontlines of War

Ukrainian journalists are on the frontlines of war. The Russian invasion has turned them into purveyors of lifesaving information to millions of citizens and refugees, often at immense personal risk.

In this war, independent media is a target. Invading forces are kidnapping and killing journalists, destroying broadcast towers, and blocking or limiting internet access, committing 428 crimes against Ukrainian media to date. These actions deprive Ukrainian civilians of vital information about accessing bomb shelters, finding food, and traveling safely.

The global news cycle is moving the spotlight away from this war, but independent media in Ukraine still need crucial support. Internews is there to help – and we need your support, too.

For nearly 30 years, Internews has worked to bolster independent media in Ukraine. We have championed investigative reporting and anti-corruption efforts, the introduction of media literacy in schools, crucial media regulatory reforms, innovations in combatting disinformation, and initiatives to help media outlets become financially sustainable.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, we have been working hard to protect independent media in Ukraine. We are providing safety equipment, first aid kits, and secure technology, all of which are difficult to obtain amid the fighting. We are tracking online rumors and disinformation, providing cybersecurity training, and working with local media outlets to ensure their financial survival.

These efforts are paramount to maintaining the flow of accurate information that saves lives, debunks disinformation, and holds perpetrators of violence to account.

“If the national media closes and goes bankrupt, there will always be an alternative. But if local media closes or goes bankrupt, there will be no replacement. Sources of information for local people will be propaganda sites and social media chatter.”

– From the online media outlet, May 16, 2022.

Since February 2022, your help has enabled us to:

  • Assist 238 regional and local media outlets to produce vital reporting, including “news you can use” on the war (info on bomb shelters, fact-checking, etc.). Some of these outlets are in temporarily occupied territories.
  • Offer trainings on physical safety, tactical first aid, digital hygiene, and cybersecurity to 315 journalists across Ukraine.
  • Support the monitoring of violations of journalists’ rights and the provision of legal assistance for 754 journalists.
  • Fund the procurement of:
    • 215 medical kits and supplies
    • 305 bulletproof vests
    • 170 USB-C cables
    • 498 power banks, including solar and USB chargers
    • 95 laptops
    • 3 video cameras
    • 3 microphones
    • 105 mobile phones
    • 4 wifi routers
    • 10 tablets
    • 50 sleeping bags
    • 25 heating blankets
    • 10 starlinks
    • 50 external hard drives
  • Relocate 195 journalists.
  • Support our partners’ training of 880 journalists on covering the war responsibly and ethically.
  • Repurpose our offices in Moldova and Lithuania to support refugee communication efforts and journalists operating remotely.
  • Work with global digital advertisers to divert ad funds to online Ukrainian media to ensure their financial survival.
  • Allocate more than:
    • $1M in new grant support for regional and hyperlocal media outlets.
    • $250k in emergency funds for 14 outlets in hard-hit areas, including Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Donetsk, and Luhansk.

As the war continues and military objectives change, Ukrainian journalists remain under attack. Internews is committed to standing by them throughout this crisis. Please consider joining our efforts to support the truth in Ukraine.

“Investing in people who report the truth is a down payment on democracy during a time when both democratic systems and the journalism that undergirds them are under threat.”

– From Internews President Jeanne Bourgault’s op-ed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Real-Time Updates on Disinformation & Attacks on Ukrainian Media

We recommend these local organizations for credible, current information on the latest attacks against media in Ukraine and disinformation about the war.

Local Media Outlets

We encourage you to follow national media outlets in Ukraine as they provide some of the best updates on the crisis. We have vetted and recommend the ones below. As many are cut off from traditional sources of revenue, we suggest donating to them or becoming a subscriber.

Internews in Ukraine

Internews has been working to bolster independent media in Ukraine since 1994, supporting investigative reporting and anti-corruption efforts, the introduction of media literacy in schools, crucial media reforms, innovations in combatting disinformation, and efforts to improve the long-term sustainability of key media institutions in the country.