The Media Viability Accelerator: Why do users matter?

As we continue to build the Media Viability Accelerator (MVA) with input from media partners all around the world, we’re focusing on MVA users. More than 800 individuals have already expressed interest in the MVA, but why do we envision a user base of many, many more?

More data provides better insight. Individually, independent media lack large data pools to learn from, so it can be hard to know how to adapt and grow. By pooling data from multiple media organizations, the MVA will enable them to discover what works for others globally.

Anonymity protects users. The MVA will never offer benchmarks on how media outlets in the same country perform or reveal individual performance data without explicit permission from the media outlet. Comparisons are always offered by media and market characteristics.  

Partner Insight:

SembraMedia is helping to create the MVA. We spoke with Daniela Ruiz Blanco, Education Coordinator at SembraMedia, about the purpose of their work and how the MVA can help.

In SembraMedia, we focus on helping independent digital native media build more sustainable organizations so that they can publish news and information with independence, journalistic integrity, and a positive impact on the communities they serve.

We’ve been told by media leaders we work with that it’s hard to identify the best opportunities for developing new products and services, and even harder to determine what to charge for them.

When we shared the opportunity to participate in the MVA cohort with our community of media leaders in Latin America, we were impressed by the amount of interest and the number of people who said they wanted to learn more and participate because they are looking for the insights that MVA may provide in the future.