COVID-19 Creativity, Covering Environment in the Himalayas, and Saving Pandas

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Indonesian Radio Channel Gets Creative to Communicate the Climate Crisis during Covid-19

EJN Media Partner Kantor Berita Radio (KBR), the first independent national radio news agency in Indonesia, has used the pandemic to make its climate change coverage more relevant. Through a mix of live radio talk shows and videos, innovative outreach and personal stories, KBR is helping raise awareness about climate change by looking at how it intersects with Covid-19. Read more>>

Radio Journalists in Nepal Get Virtual Training to Cover Conservation

To raise awareness about the Siwalik mountain range spanning Nepal and the impact its destruction could have on the wildlife and communities that depend on it, the Digital Broadcast Initiative Equal Access (DBI-EA), with support from EJN, organized a four-day virtual training for radio journalists from across Nepal. Read more>>

Reporters in Indonesia Show the Power of Bringing Data into Storytelling

Reporter Jeany Hartriani had long wanted to dig deeper into Indonesia’s annual land and forest fires. Using a data journalism grant from EJN and Resource Watch, an open-source data platform supported by the World Resources Institute, she was among five reporters who drew on datasets to tell stories about how environmental change is playing out across the country. Read more>>

EJN Fellow Reflects on Why Access to International Environmental Forums Is Critical

In 2016, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) made a controversial decision to downgrade the Giant Panda from “endangered” to “vulnerable.” A day before the Giant Panda’s new status was officially announced in September 2016, journalist Shi Yi attended a news briefing at the IUCN World Conservation Congress on the updated Red List. Yi, a China-based journalist attending the congress as a Fellow with EJN’s Biodiversity Media Initiative, noted the Giant Panda’s new status and believed it would cause a stir in her home country. She immediately got to work writing an article. Read more>>

TERI launches The Bulbul, a Pan-Himalayan Network of Climate Change Journalists

The Bulbul, an initiative to build a Pan-Himalayan network for climate change reporting, kicked off with an inception meeting on June 11. Conceptualized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), with the support of EJN, the initiative has selected 14 journalists and scholars from the Himalayan region in India and Nepal to join the first of two six-month Media Fellowship programs in climate change communication. Read more>>

(Banner image: Himalayan village. Credit Bulbul)