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Internews works with journalists to master the data journalism skills needed to measure and communicate the most urgent challenges facing their communities, the citizens most affected, the root causes and potential solutions to growing inequality.

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Internews trains journalists in data journalism to 1) help address injustice, inequality, and discrimination amongst marginalized populations; 2) redefine journalism by investigating problems, identify who is suffering, and specifying how to make things better; and 3) to help make publicly available data more accessible and affordable.

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Tools & Resources

Internews offers tools and resources to help practitioners design their own robust data journalism program; developed a 200-hour in-person teaching curriculum that instills the necessary theoretical and technical skills to produce data-driven analysis and storytelling; and developed procedures to assess impact at three levels: learning advancement, content quality and systemic change.

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Internews works with journalists in numerous countries including Jordan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Kenya, and places in Central America, as well as with Internews’ Earth Journalism Network.